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(Subtitled) 'Morocco in perfect condition for AFCON' - Renard
Cairo, Egypt - 22nd June 2019 | (Subtitled) 'Morocco in perfect condition for AFCON' - Renard
Cameroon coach Clarence Seedorf speaks before team flies to Africa Cup of Nations
Yaounde, Cameroon - 19th June 2019 | Cameroon coach Clarence Seedorf speaks before team flies to Africa Cup of Nations
Cairo prepares for start of Africa Cup of Nations
Cairo, Egypt - 19th June 2019 | Cairo prepares for start of Africa Cup of Nations
Cairo ready for 2019 Africa Cup of Nations
Cairo, Egypt - 19th June 2019 | Cairo ready for 2019 Africa Cup of Nations
Morocco arrive in Cairo as 2019 African Cup of Nations approaches
Cairo, Egypt - 18th June 2019 | Morocco arrive in Cairo as 2019 African Cup of Nations approaches
Morocco arrive for Africa Cup of Nations
Cairo, Egypt - 18th June 2019 | Morocco arrive for Africa Cup of Nations
Morocco lose their Africa Cup of Nations warm-up game 3-2 against Zambia
Marrakesh, Morocco - 16th June 2019 | Morocco lose their Africa Cup of Nations warm-up game 3-2 against Zambia
Neymar: "I couldn't look at a football" after the World Cup
SHOTLISTPRAIA GRANDE, BRAZIL. 21 JULY 2018SOURCE: AFPTV / J. MYBURGH, F. MARRON-VAR of Neymar and his son-VAR of AFP photos of Neymar at World Cup 2018SOUNDBITE 1 - Neymar, Brazil and PSG footballer (man, Portuguese, 24 sec): No, not to stop, but I didn’t want to see a ball, or to see any more football played, because I wanted to disconnect a bit from everything. I had moments of mourning, of sadness, of being just by myself."SOUNDBITE 2 - Neymar, Brazil and PSG footballer (man, Portuguese, 17 sec):"But sadness passes, I have my son, my family, my friends and they don't want to see me moping around. I've got more reason to be happy than sad."-VAR of Neymar and his son-VAR of AFP photos of Neymar at World Cup 2018SOUNDBITE 3 - Neymar, Brazil and PSG footballer (man, Portuguese, 23 sec): "I didn’t go to the World Cup to suffer fouls, that’s not why I went. I went to beat my opponents and obviously they weren’t going to just leave me in peace, they weren’t going to let me pass without touching me, without committing fouls, because they knew that if they didn’t commit those fouls I would go straight to the goal."-VAR of Neymar ///-------------------------------------AFP TEXT STORYNeymar: "I couldn't look at a football" after the World Cup Praia Grande (Sao Paulo (State), Brazil) - 21 July 2018 18:05 - AFP - LEAD Brazil superstar Neymar admits that after his nation's quarter-final defeat to Belgium at the World Cup he couldn't look at a ball and didn't want to see any of the remaining matches."I wouldn't go as far as to say I didn't want to play again but, I didn't want to see a ball, or to see any more football played," 26-year-old Neymar told AFP in an exclusive interview on Saturday.The Paris Saint Germain forward was talking at his Neymar Praia Grande institute where the Red Bull Neymar Jr 5's (five-a-side-soccer) tournament was being played.Dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt, with his six-year-old son Davi Lucca sat upon his knee, the striker was however in a relaxed mood as he explained his post-World Cup blues."I was in mourning, I was really sad about it, but sadness passes, I have my son, my family, my friends and they don't want to see me moping around. I've got more reason to be happy than sad," said Neymar, reflecting on his team's 2-1 quarter-final defeat to Belgium.Asked about reports in Spain linking him with a transfer to Real Madrid the forward said "that's all speculation from the press.""The guys who come up with these stories seem to know more about my life than I do. I won't respond to this type of question because nothing happened," he scoffed.The Brazilian superstar, who moved to PSG for a world record 222 million euros ($264 million) last year, insists that the burden of expectation on his shoulders -- whether with his club or country -- does not weigh heavily. "No, all the great players feel pressure," he said."It's true that when it comes to me, there are double standards. I have been aware of this responsibility, not only for Brazil, but also in club fotball, since I was 17, 18 years old. "I have prepared myself to handle this pressure and I know that when the results are not what they should be then that pressure increases."Neymar has been hit by a barrage of criticism for theatrical rolling around after being fouled at the World Cup, but says he should have been better protected.- 'Criticism of me exaggerated' -"People were faster to criticise the one being fouled than the one doing the fouling," he insisted."I went to the World Cup to play, to beat the opposition, not to get kicked. The criticism of me was exaggerated, but I'm a big boy, I'm used to dealing with this kind of thing"And I can't be the referee and play at the same time, but there are times I wish I could," he said.Earlier this week, Neymar took a swipe at his critics with a tongue-in-cheek video in which he teaches children how to fall to the ground."One, two, three, go!" shouts Neymar on the Instagram video as around a dozen youngsters fall to the ground of a parking lot."That's a free-kick!" screams the Brazilian breaking into fits of laughter.The video was released with a hashtag #ChallengeDAFALTA, the free-kick challenge in Portuguese.During the recent World Cup, the player's antics sparked the "Neymar Challenge" where he was widely mocked.In Mexico, a football club even rganised a competition in which contestants attempted to roll the entire length of the pitch.Meanwhile, Neymar described PSG's new coach Thomas Tuchel as a great addition to the club."He's a great coach and we're hoping for a great season," he said."I'm really looking forward to it," Neymar said of his second season in Paris."We have signed a football legend (Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon) who will bring with him all his experience and that will be a great help for this coming season."pr/lg/dmc/dj
World Cup fever still raging in Rohingya refugee camps
SHOTLIST:KUTUPALONG, BANGLADESH. 19 JULY 2018SOURCE: AFPTV-TILT down Rohingya boy wearing a Brazil jersey playing with a ball-PAN Rohingya boys, some wear football jerseys-MS Bangladesh, Argentina and Spain flags on the pitch-MS Brazil flag above a refugee camp-WS Rohingya children playing with a ball on a pitch located in a refugee camp-WS Rohingya refugee Jahangir Alam “Neymar” playing with a ball-PAN Rohingya boys playing football in a refugee camp-MS Rohingya boy kicking a ball-MS Rohingya boys wearing Brazil and Argentina jerseysSOUNDBITE 1 - Jahangir Alam "Neymar", 17, Rohingya refugee (man, Arakani/Bengali, 12 sec):"I like Neymar a lot. That’s why I got this hairstyle like him, I liked it very much. I also enjoyed the tournament."SOUNDBITE 2 - Nurul Abser, 18, Rohingya refugee (man, English, 7 sec):"I wear the German jersey but I don’t like it [Germany] much, because I’m a great fan of Argentina."///------------------------------AFP TEXT STORY :World Cup fever still raging in Rohingya refugee campsKutupalong (Bangladesh) - 20 July 2018 - AFP / PHOTOESSAY The World Cup may be over but passion for the game burns bright in the world's largest refugee camp, where Brazil and Argentina flags still flutter alongside the red and green of Bangladesh, which hosts nearly a million Rohingya Muslims forced out of Myanmar.For many young refugees in Bangladesh's southeast this World Cup was their first, and the excitement of last Sunday's final shows no sign of abating any time soon.Rohingya boys paraded a miniature replica of the World Cup through the dirt alleyways of the refugee camp, the smallest football fans staring dewy-eyed at the modest golden trophy as if it were the real thing."My favourite was Argentina. I watched the final. It was between Croatia and France, and France won," said six-year-old Mohammad Reza, proudly sporting the blue-and-white jersey of firm local favourite Lionel Messi. One of the youngest boys jostling for a glimpse of the miniature cup in its small glass case was five-year-old Nurul Afsar in his Brazil top."My favourite player is Neymar," he said shyly, clutching a rubber football.Many fans crowded around one television to watch the final, said 18-year-old Nurul Abser, pointing to a tarpaulin shack just beyond a dirt clearing where football fans had congregated for an afternoon's play.Dozens of barefoot boys played under threatening monsoon clouds, dodging muddy potholes to shoot at a goal demarcated with twigs.An errant strike sent a ball soaring into the huts surrounding the pitch, as a referee blew his whistle at older players contesting the main match.Apart from the odd Spanish flag or top European club jersey, football loyalties in the remote but overcrowded Kutupalong camp are mainly divided -- fiercely -- between Brazil and Argentina, mirroring a somewhat peculiar obsession among football fans across Bangladesh.The South American rivalry has been traced back to broadcasts of the 1986 World Cup, when Diego Maradona's brilliance helped Argentina win the trophy -- and legions of fans in Bangladesh, where Brazilian legend Pele was already a household name.Among the many boys of all ages giving their name as Neymar, one stood out: with his hair bleached in the superstar's signature style, Jahangir Alam bore the closest resemblance to the Brazilian striker, at least in this corner of the camp."I like Neymar a lot. That's why I got this hairstyle like him. I enjoyed the tournament," the 17-year-old said, juggling a football in his Brazil
World Cup winner Pavard welcomed home as a hero
SHOTLIST: PARIS, FRANCE. 18 JULY 2018SOURCE: AFPTV - MS Pavard speaking to the crowd to welcome him at home after the World Cup: "Hello everyone, (shouting from the crowd). First of all, I have lost my voice because I have sung too much, I have shouted too much, I am sorry. But in any case, I love you all. "- MS the crowd singing the song for Benjamin Pavard - MS Benjamin Pavard encourages crowd to sing: "World Champions!"- MS Pavard joins the crowd to sign autographs- MS Pavard joins the crowd to sign autographs- CU Pavard joins the crowd to sign autographs SOUNDBITE 1 - Axel Deltenre, fan (boy, French, 6 sec)"I would have told him, "Well done and keep going like that. You are the best. Long live France!"FRENCH: « Je lui aurais dit (à Benjamin Pavard ndlr) : + bien joué ! et continue comme ça. T’es le meilleur. Vive la France ! + »///-------------------------------------------------------AFP TEXT STORY (in French)Pavard accueilli en héros à JeumontJeumont (Nord, France) - 18 juillet 2018 - AFP Benjamin Pavard, le défenseur des Bleus sacré champion du monde dimanche en Russie, a été accueilli en héros mercredi à Jeumont (Nord), où il a grandi, et s'est vu remettre la médaille de la ville par le maire de la commune."Désolé je n'ai plus beaucoup de voix, a commencé le latéral droit. C'est un honneur et une fierté d'être ici. Merci à tous pour vos messages et votre soutien. Vous avez un coeur énorme à Jeumont, cette récompense est aussi pour vous"."Merci du fond du coeur. On est extrêmement fier du champion mais surtout du jeune homme que tu es. Les enfants de cette ville ont désormais un repère, un exemple", a déclaré Benjamin Saint-Huile, le maire (PS) de Jeumont, lui décernant la médaille d'honneur de la ville devant quelque 300 invités.Des centaines de supporters s'étaient massés devant l'hôtel de ville sur la façade duquel trône un immense drapeau tricolore, pour accueillir le joueur de 22 ans, inconnu avant le Mondial et qui s'est fait un nom grâce notamment à son but d'anthologie en 8e de finale contre l'Argentine (4-3).Le défenseur, qui a débuté le football à l'US Jeumont, avant d'être formé à Lille, à 1h de route de sa ville d'origine où habitent encore ses parents, a été chaleureusement applaudi par les fans qui scandaient son nom et une chanson créée par des supporters après son superbe but."Benjamin Pavard, je ne crois pas que vous connaissez. Il sort de nulle part, une frappe de bâtard, on a Benjamin Pavard!", hurlaient-ils ainsi à tue-tête.Le héros s'est ensuite rendu à la gare numérique, principal centre culturel de la ville où plusieurs milliers de supporters l'attendaient en plein soleil depuis des heures. Au point que les pompiers les ont aspergés avec leur lances à eau pour les rafraîchir !- "Il a les valeurs du Nord" -Il est apparu sur une passerelle sous les vivats de la foule et a communié avec ses fans, avant de descendre à leur rencontre pour une séance de dédicaces."C'est un plaisir et un honneur de venir le voir pour lui dire merci et bravo. Il a les valeurs du Nord, il est humble et n'oublie pas d'où il vient. J'avais vécu la Coupe du monde 1998 avec mes yeux d'enfant et cette année, mes élèves l'ont vécue à leur tour, c'est beau", a expliqué à l'AFP Elise Geoffrey, professeure des écoles originaire de Fourmies, à une cinquantaine de kilomètres de Jeumont. Juste à ses côtés, Timéo, six ans, est venu de Neuf-Mesnil, à une dizaine de kilomètres de là, avec sa mamie et sa marraine. Le jeune garçon, maillot des Bleus sur le dos, a des étoiles dans les yeux car il a obtenu deux autographes de son idole, Benjamin¨Pavard, qui a supplanté dans son coeur Antoine Griezmann grâce à son but durant le Mondial. "Il a signé mes deux ballons. Je vais en garder un en souvenir et je jouerai avec l'autre...", raconte-t-il.Beaucoup n'ont pas eu la chance d'approcher leur champion et nombre d'enfants étaient en pleurs, déçus de ne pas avoir obtenu l'autographe qu'ils étaient venus chercher.Jeumont, qui compte quelque 10.000 habitants, a par ailleurs déjà abrité un autre footballeur français célèbre, Jean-Pierre Papin, qui a grandi et a commencé le football dans la cité nordiste.
Croatians hail returning World Cup squad
SHOTLIST:ZAGREB, CROATIA. 16 JULY 2018SOURCE: AFPTV-VAR team getting off plane-VAR crowdSOUNDBITE 1 - Philippe, Croatian fan on Ban-Jelacic square (man, French, 13 sec):"Thanks, we're proud of them. They are the national heroes for life to us. For life, for life. Since Croatia's independence, this has never been seen before. We'll be grateful to the national team for the rest of our lives. They'll be heroes all the time."- VAR players parading on the bus- WS players and coach on stage- CU Modric on stageSOUNDBITE 2 - Amin, fan from Bosnia (man, Croatian, 9 sec):
"It was very important to be here. For me, they are the real champions. This is very important for all the people and for the Balkans."- VAR crowd///----------------------------AFP TEXT STORY:Croatians hail returning World Cup squad Zagreb (Croatia) - 17 July 2018 - AFP Hundreds of thousands of Croatians took to the streets in Zagreb on Monday to greet their players as they returned home from Russia after losing the World Cup final.A crowd estimated by police at more than 550,000 people cheered the team during its parade on an open-top bus from the airport to the capital's main square.It took five hours for the bus to get to Jelacic square as it was moving slowly through euphoric fans many waving flags, wearing the famous Croatia red and white shirt and singing popular songs.Since the former Yugoslav republic's independence in 1991, Zagreb has only once seen a larger crowd -- for the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1994.More than 100,000 people thronged the square to hail Vatreni (the "Fiery Ones" in Croatian) led by captain and World Cup Golden Ball winner Luka Modric."Hrvatska, Hrvatska!" (Croatia) the fans chanted as team coach Zlatko Dalic and the players stepped on an improvised stage in front of a giant screen under a shower of red and white confetti.The players and the crowd sang the national anthem of the country of around four million people."Thank you Croatia! Thank you Zagreb! We have achieved our dream!" Modric told the euphoric crowd.Popular Croatian singer Marko Perkovic Thompson, known for his pro-Nazi sympathies, boarded the bus and also sang a song on the stage with the players and the crowd.In the past Perkovic, whose repertoire is dominated by patriotic songs, has been banned from giving concerts in several European countries because of his sympathies for Croatia's notorious World War II pro-Nazi Ustasha regime.At his concerts, Ustasha symbols are often brandished while some fans use the Nazi salute.During the parade Dalic and the players signed flags and jerseys handed to them by cheering fans walking next to the bus.Ecstatic supporters held up banners celebrating the runners-up after their gallant 4-2 defeat by France."This is how Croatia is loved," read one banner. Another said: "We are few, but we believed and that is enough."Many even skipped work to celebrate the team reaching their first ever World Cup final."I closed my office to welcome our heroes. I put a sign up reading 'Today, July 16, 2018', office closed due to our Vatreni," doctor Sanja Klajic told AFP.Earlier the noisy fans awaited their side's appearance by singing the popular song "Play on my Croatia, when I see you my heart is on fire!" while watching the plane carrying the team fly over the capital.When the aircraft, accompanied by military jets and emblazoned with the logo "Bravo Vatreni", flew overhead the crowd cheered and chanted "Hands up, hands up!".bur-ljv/je
France gives World Cup winners a heroes' welcome home
SHOTLISTPARIS, FRANCE - 16 JULY 2018SOURCE : AFPTV/ C. ROBICHE/ J. SENGEL- WS of the France team bus arriving to the Champs-Elysées for the victory parade ROISSY-EN-FRANCE, FRANCE. 16 JULY 2018SOURCE : AFPTV/ E. WOLDEAREGAY- WS Air France plane on the tarmac, welcomed with a water salute by the firefighters - MS then tracking shot as Lloris, Deschamps and Le Graet go down the stairs- WS of players Antoine Griezmann, Lucas Hernandez, Blaise Matuidi, Adil Rami, Paul Pogba, Benjamin Mendy, Olivier Giroud, Corentin Tolisso holding the World Cup, Presnel Kimpembe, Alphonse Aerola, Florian Thauvin boarding the busPARIS, FRANCE - 16 JULY 2018SOURCE : AFPTV/ C. ROBICHE/ J. SENGEL- Tracking shot of the arrival of the France team bus at Place de l'Etoile before heading down the Champs-ElyséesPARIS, FRANCE. 16 JULY 2018SOURCE : POOL AGENCENO RESALE- ZOOM OUT of Emmanuel Macron posing with players-CU of the France team singing "I Will Survive" on the steps PARIS, FRANCE / 16 JUILLET 2018SOURCE AFPTV/ H.AYADI-Plan large des avions de la Patrouille de France passant au dessus des Champs-Elysées et de Concorde pour l'équipe de France de football///----------------------------------------------AFP TEXT STORY:World Cup winners France begin Champs-Elysees parade Paris (France) - 16 July 2018 19:32 - AFP - Urgent France's World Cup team embarked on its victory parade down the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Monday evening, the appearance of their open-air bus prompting a roar of cheers among the hundreds of thousands of fans gathered on the avenue.As the players descended towards a reception at the presidential palace, nine jets from the Patrouille de France, the air force's acrobatic unit, did an honourary fly-over trailing blue, white and red smoke.cma-sva/tmo/nm/js/je
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